portrait of the artist Rudolfo Bucacio

Rudolfo Bucacio

born 1933 in Gera / Germany

The artist studied art and art education at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, accompanied by studies in philosophy, psychology und history of arts. He is an international lecturer and professor in painting, sculpturing and artistic photography.

Further studies at the art academy of Esslingen and at the technical school of Friedberg, including bronze casting and the interaction of design, colours and energy, aimed at bringing his sculpturing onto a higher level. At the moment he is living and working in his studio in Germany, surrounded by forests.

His masterly, futuristic sculptures are affected to the people of the 21. century, who value

  • optimal composition of sculpture, space and design
  • precious materials, elegance and individuality
  • the magic of perfectionism
  • sculptures which motivate, influence, activate and harmonise people – with a healing effect on body and mind