Portrait des Künstlers Ray Leaning

Ray Leaning

Born 1959 in Lincolnshire / England

The artist did Art Foundation at Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Then he returned to college as a mature student in 1981, gaining a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Exeter and a PGCE (Art & Design) from Brighton University in 1985. He spent his student days in the life room following the traditional skills of classical life drawing and painting. an honest and subtle medium that demands mastery.

»Pencil is my medium of choice. Drawing is an honest and subtle medium that demands mastery. Oil painting allows me to revel in my favourite colour triad of black, white and red. Some artists specialise in making life difficult for ourselves, my personal struggle is by choosing risqué and erotic subject matter. I have always been enchanted by the female form and fascinated by female fashion. My obsession is with gender messages and the signs & symbolism that evoke sexuality and sensuality – or, in simpler terms, just what are the elements that make an image attractive?«

Ray Leaning is now working and living as a semi-recluse in Scotland with his main muse Carol. A monograph of his work, “MUSE The Art of Ray Leaning”, was published by EPS in 2004.