Limited Edition
Gold and Silver - brushed and polished are the components of the extravagant Medusa Lover wall sculpture. An interesting blend of solid and filigree result in a timeless design which inspires the livingroom with tales from the past..
Our Signature
"Show Girl" designed by brittish artist Ray Leaning.

in collaboration with artists

We are glad to work close with many artists and designers from arround the world.

Bespoke art- manufacturing and custom design

Our success is driven by our core belief, “Listening, Delivering – work with feelings”. By maintaining a tight, strong and constant relationship with our clients throughout the life cycle of each project. We ensure, that we deliver the clients vision to high quality and uniqueness.


  • exclusive luxury bronze art from Germany
  • Limited Editions from artists and designers.
  • Bespoke art – manufacturing and custom designs.

A Little About Us

Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

Our passion is the production and distribution of contemporary, high-class bronze sculptures. They´re produced in traditional wax-casting process (cire perdue), patinated in different bronze shades and some coated with a lasting 24 carat hard gold or silver plating. By refinement with real gemstones (diamonds, rubies, emeralds and others) many of our pieces are embellished and revalued to precious luxury goods.

All our sculptures are masterpieces by internationally renowned artists. They´re produced in limited editions and will be delivered with an adequate certificate of authenticity. We wish you pleasure in viewing our high-class bronze exhibits of the famous FINE ARTS Wohnkultur collection.

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